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Combinations of dipyridamole and aspirin 1 5 ratio tested negative in the ames test, in vivo chromosome aberration tests in mice and hamsters , oral micronucleus tests in mice and hamsters and oral dominant lethal test in mice .

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This medication is sometimes prescribed for other usesask your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

Dipyridamole inhibits phosphodiesterasePDEin various tissuesWhile the inhibition of cAMP-PDE is weaktherapeutic levels of dipyridamole inhibit cyclic-35guanosine monophosphate-PDEcGMP-PDEthereby augmenting the increase in cGMP produced by EDRFendothelium-derived relaxing factornow identified as nitric oxide

If you miss a dosetake it as soon as you rememberIf it is near the time of the next doseskip themissed dose and resume your usual dosing scheduleDo not double the dose to catch up.

Tell your doctor and pharmacist if you are allergic to aspirincelecoxibCelebrexcholine salicylateArthropandiclofenacCataflamdiflunisalDolobiddipyridamolePersantineetodolacLodinefenoprofenNalfonflurbiprofenAnsaidibuprofenAdvilMotrinNuprinindomethacinIndocinketoprofenOrudisOruvailketorolacToradolmagnesium salicylateNuprin BackacheDoan’smeclofenamatemefenamic acidPonstelmeloxicamMobicnabumetoneRelafennaproxenAleveNaprosynoxaprozinDaypropiroxicamFeldenerofecoxibVioxxno longer available in the USsulindacClinoriltolmetinTolectinor any other drugstell your doctor and pharmacist what other prescription and nonprescription medicationsvitaminsnutritional supplementsand herbal products you are taking or plan to takeBe sure to mention any of the followingacetazolamideDiamoxambenoniumMytelaseangiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors such as benazeprilLotensincaptoprilCapotenenalaprilVasotecfosinoprilMonoprillisinoprilPrinivilZestrilmoexiprilUnivascquinaprilAccuprilramiprilAltaceand trandolaprilMavikanticoagulantsblood thinnerssuch as warfarinCoumadinand heparinbeta-blockers such as acebutololSectralatenololTenorminbetaxololKerlonebisoprololZebetacarteololCartrolcarvedilolCoreglabetalolNormodynemetoprololLopressornadololCorgardpenbutololLevatolpindololViskenpropranololInderalsotalolBetapaceand timololBlocadrendiabetes medications such as acetohexamideDymelorchlorpropamideDiabineseglimepirideAmarylglipizideGlucotrolglyburideDiaBetaMicronaseGlynaserepaglinidePrandintolazamideTolinaseand tolbutamideOrinasediureticswater pillssuch as amilorideMidamorbumetanideBumexchlorothiazideDiurilchlorthalidoneHygrotonethacrynic acidEdecrinfurosemideLasixhydrochlorothiazideHydrodiurilindapamideLozolmetolazoneZaroxolynspironolactoneAldactonetorsemideDemadexand triamtereneDyreniummethotrexateFolexMexateRheumatrexneostigmineProstigminnonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugsNSAIDssuch as celecoxibCelebrexcholine salicylateArthropandiclofenacCataflamdiflunisalDolobidetodolacLodinefenoprofenNalfonflurbiprofenAnsaidibuprofenAdvilMotrinNuprinothersindomethacinIndocinketoprofenOrudisOruvailketorolacToradolmagnesium salicylateNuprin BackacheDoan’smeclofenamatemefenamic acidPonstelmeloxicamMobicnabumetoneRelafennaproxenAleveNaprosynoxaprozinDaypropiroxicamFeldenesulindacClinoriland tolmetinTolectinphenytoinDilantinprobenecidBenemidpyridostigmineMestinonsulfinpyrazoneAnturaneand valproic acid and related drugsDepakeneDepakotetell your doctor if you have or have ever had liverkidneyor heart diseasea recent heart attackbleeding disorderslow blood pressurevitamin K deficiencyulcersthe syndrome of asthmarhinitisand nasal polypsor if you drink three or more alcoholic drinks a daytell your doctor if you are pregnantplan to become pregnantor are breast-feedingIf you become pregnant while using aspirin and extended-release dipyridamolecall your doctor immediatelyif you are having surgeryincluding dental surgerytell the doctor or dentist that you are taking aspirin and extended-release dipyridamoleYour doctor may tell you to stop taking aspirin and extended-release dipyridamole before surgery.

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