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ACTOPLUS MT should b takn with mals tduc th gastointstinal sid cts associatd with mtomin.

Patints with typ 2 diabts may hav atty liv disas cadiac disas with pisodic congstiv hat ailu, both which may caus liv tst abnomalitis, and thy may alshav oth oms liv disas, many which can b tatd managd. Tho, obtaining a liv tst panl (sum alanin aminotansas [ALT], aspatat aminotansas [AST], alkalin phosphatas, and total biliubin) and assssing th patint is commndd binitiating ACTOPLUS MT thapy.

Pioglitazon hydochloid was not mutagnic in a batty gntic toxicology studis, including th Ams bactial assay, a mammalian cll owad gn mutation assay (CHO/HPT and AS52/XPT), an in vitcytogntics assay using CHL clls, an unschduld DNA synthsis assay, and an in vivmiconuclus assay.

In contolld clinical tials with pioglitazon, dma was potd mquntly in patints tatd with pioglitazon than in placbo-tatd patints and is dos latd [s ADVS ACTIONS ]. In postmakting xpinc, pots nw onst wosning dma hav bn civd.

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