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Keep in mind that a lot of treatments may interact with celexa, aggravating the condition and causing other disorders.

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Information about Celexa.

You should not use Celexa if you also take pimozideor if you are being treated with methylene blue injection.

Hemic and Lymphatic DisordersInfrequentpurpuraanemiaepistaxisleukocytosisleucopenialymphadenopathyRarepulmonary embolismgranulocytopenialymphocytosislymphopeniahypochromic anemiacoagulation disordergingival bleeding.

In a thorough QT studyCelexa was found to be associated with a dose-dependent increase in the QTc intervalsee WARNINGSQT-Prolongation And Torsade de Pointes

Check the labels on all your medicinessuch as allergy or cough-and-cold productsbecause they may contain ingredients that cause drowsinessAsk your pharmacist about using those products safely.

It may take up to 4 weeks before your symptoms improveKeep using the medication as directed and tell your doctor if your symptoms do not improve.

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