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Brahmi is an organic plant that grows natively in several southeast asian countries, such as vietnam, nepal, sri lanka, and of course, india.

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Information about Brahmi.

Research reveals little or no information regarding toxicology with the use of this product.

Bacopa might increase certain chemicals in the brainheartand elsewhere in the bodySome medications used for glaucomaAlzheimer’s diseaseand other conditions also affect these chemicalsTaking Bacopa with these medications might increase the chance of side effects.

Thyroid hormone Interaction RatingMinor Be cautious with this combinationTalk with your health provider.

When the leaves of the brahmi plant are rubbed topically on affected parts of the bodythe compounds released can reduce swelling and eliminate irritationas well as inflammation inside the body as wellThis is ideal for people suffering from arthritisgoutand other inflammatory conditions.

Slow heart ratebradycardiaBacopa might slow down the heart beatThis could be a problem in people who already have a slow heart rate.

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