Arm lift

Plastic and esthetic surgeon in Tunisia

The movement as well as the iterative lose of weight are a�?demandinga�? a lot to the skin of the inner part of the arm. Ita��s why the number of skin ptosis ( not amenable to an isolated aspiration ) is higher than the simple fat hypertrophies. The aim of the surgery is to take away the excess of skin, to decrease the underneath fat infiltration and to redistribute the skin.

A meticulous clinical examination will determine the more appropriate type of surgical procedure, you need ( choice of incision, associated lipoaspiration indicated or not ). Type of anesthesia
The inner arm lifting can be done under general anaesthesia, under local anaesthesia completed by tranquillizing drugs, injected in veins (a�?vigila�? anaesthetic) or also, in some cases, under simple local anaesthetic.
Each surgeon is using his own technique, he may adapt to each case, in order to get the best result.
Different techniques have been described.
The fat infitrated the skin is removed by lipoaspiration. The skin excess is removed, what leaves a scar which location and length depend on the amount the skin laxity and on the procedure choosen.
The skin incision can be vertical, longitudinal,along the arm inner side or horizontal, following a armpit fold. Sometimes, the two types of incisions can be combined.

Arm lifting with longitudinal incision along the arm inner side
At first, a lipoaspiration is done, each time fat is found infiltrating the arm region.
Then, the skin excess is taking away as necessary, with a longitudinal incision along the arm inner side.
Considering the disadvantages of this type of arm lifting, from a scar point of view, we try to propose, as often as possible, a less ambitious surgery but with more acceptable scar: as an arm lifting with an isolated armpit incision or a combined procedure with an armpit incision plus a short vertical one of less than 10 cm.

Arm lifting with horizontal armpit incision
This type of surgery is aimed at a patient with less skin excess and laxity, mainly located at the upper third of the arm.
From a single horizontal incision, hidden in an armpit fold, combined, if necessary, with a lipoaspiration, we can take away the skin excess of the upper part of the arm inner side.
The average time of surgery is one hour.

Because this procedure is lighter than the previous one, we can do it, most of the time, as day care, under


It will be appreciated within 6 to 12 months after surgery.
Most of the time, we can see a good correction of fat infiltration and skin laxity, what improves a lot the arm aspect.